Born in 2002, San Lim Furniture has shipped an average of 600 containers per month starting from March 2017. What once begin as an ambition has finally come to realization in the beginning of 2017. San Lim Furniture’s achievement can never be separated from our goal and dedication of continuous improvement. Hand in hand working together with our valued customers, San Lim Furniture is able to share and obtain constructive feedbacks for better improvement. Having continuous improvements as our core value, we realize that we are able to understand better the needs and requirements of our valued customers. This leads us to closer partnership with our customers.

The year 2014 marked the commencement of our expansion from an approximately 15 hectares of land area to 25 hectares of land area. The completion of new site has allowed San Lim Furniture to produce products using Water-Based Finishing and PU Finishing. Challenging ourselves to be more efficient and productive, San Lim Furniture decides to install more CNCs machine and streamline our production line. Under the guidance and close supervision from our top management, our new site is able to operate successfully and smoothly.

San Lim Furniture reaches another milestone with the renovation of our existing production line starting from October 2016 with completion date of first quarter of 2018. Joining together with our new site, our existing factory has successfully produced Water-Based Finishing from May 2017.

At San Lim Furniture, we strongly believe that continuous improvement has no end. This mindset has paved the way for us to unceasingly search for innovative ways to improve our production line. Sharing our dedication and core value of continuous improvement to our vendors, San Lim Furniture ensures that we obtain better quality raw materials.